Valhalla Wear – Military Men with Military T-Shirts

So how was Valhalla Wear founded?  Well, it’s your pretty standard business startup story, minus the techie nerds or mobile app idea on how to meet bar rats online.  It all began with a group of friends in the military, returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.  And while we loved kicking in doors, we saw that with our personalities and initiative, we could pursue business ideas outside of the military ... to the benefit of guys like us.


Thus Valhalla Wear was born.

We decided to start a t-shirt company for the rugged, patriotic, “what the hell is machiatto?”-type men and women of America.  Or as we like to say, the modern day Vikings.  Hence the name "Valhalla."  For those of you who are too busy binge-watching Netflix to stay current on your Norse mythology, Valhalla is where Vikings go after they die.  It's a place where you fight in battle all day and drink beer all night.  Pretty much the most awesome place ever conceived.

High Quality Tees


Back to business.  We started off by picking the highest quality triblend and ploycotton tees. The kind you wear again and again for decades, until you've worn so many holes in it that you look like a wandering hobo. And yet you STILL refuse to throw it away because it is so damn comfy. Next we fabricated designs fueled by patriotism, manliness, and just being plain awesome.  All the while being ruggedly stylish.  You need a shirt to work out in?  Done.  Go to the shooting range or bar in?  Done.  Black tie event?  Done and done.

Express Your Inner Viking!

If you’re interested in buying your new favorite t-shirt, you’re in the right place.  We look forward to helping you express your inner Viking!