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The "Thigh of the Tiger" Ranger shorts. For those who know true weight lifting glory rests in deadlifting until the walls shake and squatting until the ass seam bursts on your shorts. 

  • Ranger Panty
  • Running short
  • Liner brief
  • Inside key pocket
  • 2 - 2¼ inseam on all sizes
  • Covered elastic waistband




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Width: 9.00
Height: 10.00
Depth: 0.50

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5 Stars
Thigh of the tiger

The amount of freedom I experience while wearing these shorts would make a bald eagle cry

4 Stars
Silkies ‘thigh of the tiger’

Short, revealing, silky soft... what I ordered.

5 Stars
Thigh of tiger

Fucking legit, comfortable as fuck. Now I look extra juicy while I'm hitting my back squats.

5 Stars
Fuck. Yes.

I don't see why everybody does not own a pair of these. The most comfortable thing I've ever worn and the perfect Lake attire.

5 Stars

Boyfriend: “is this a gift for me or you??”’ Me: “yes” Goal:accomplished

5 Stars
Exactly what he expected! Thank you

I ordered these for my son and he loves them

5 Stars

The best thing in existence

5 Stars
Thigh of the tiger

It feels as if Odin himself is grasping my lower half and wisping me round and round my neighborhood. I'm filled with the energy of Asgard throughout my workout crushing puny human expectations.... when does the hammer go on sale?

5 Stars
Thigh of the tiger

Awesome and comfortable

5 Stars
Awesome Shorts!!!!!

These shorts are absolutely filthy! I can feel the strength of the jungle course through my as a I deadlift until my hamstrings scream and squat until the seams are bursting